AWS Summit 2022 - Chicago

August 26, 2022
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AWS Summit is back in Chicago after a two year hiatus due to the global pandemic. Members of the INVESMITH team were present to learn about the many recent and upcoming developments and offerings AWS has to offer. As we have come to expect when it comes to AWS (or any Amazon entity), innovation is at the core in all they do. From the initial web registration process, to the in-person Event Check-In procedure, to the keynote presentations, it was lights, cameras, action with technology at the forefront, seamlessly driving the entire event experience.


AWS is more than just “a cloud”. It has proven to be an ecosystem on which the rest of the playing field is supported. When your competitors rely on your service to compete with you... who is your competition really?


INVESMITH is committed to its clients and helping them remain at the forefront of technology. As technologies advance at exponential rates, INVESMITH understands its role in being a trustworthy advisor to its clients.


As an AWS Partner, INVESMITH is committed to streamline your business processes and solutions. We’re continuously building to serve you better.


There's a lot to be excited about!

[INVESMITH Client Toya White of Truly Toya (left), Stephen Smith (center) of INVESMITH and Briana Marrae (right) of INVESMITH attend AWS Summit 2022]

[Blockchain Panel]

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